Pluralsight Course Announcement!

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UPDATE: Pluralsight Free Week Oct 12 - 18!

Thank you to each one of you, who took time out to view my course and provided candid feedback on the course I announced in August!

If you wanted to view my course, but took a pause due to the PS subscription cost, Pluralsight is offering an ENTIRE WEEK FREE on all video courses, mine included! Hope this gives you the incentive to put this weekend to good use, learning the skills you have always wanted to.

Free Weekend Offer link: Pluralsight Free Week Oct 12 - 18

Original Course Announcement

My course 'Exploring Measuring Product Performance' is live on Pluralsight!

As most of you in the PM craft would agree, there are a lot of PM courses worldwide which teach the tactical aspects of PM like prioritizing, planning, building, and launching, but a very few which talk about the strategic aspects like product vision, strategy, and roadmaps, and fewer on a self-paced frugal budget.

In order to scratch my own itch, I built and launched my own course, where I break down product vision, strategy, and roadmaps in simple language for new or mid-level PMs entering the craft. I would love to see you folks give me candid feedback if it helps new PMs breaking into the discipline understand the craft better.

Let me know what you think - candid feedback welcome!

Course Link: Exploring Measuring Product Performance